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Winning Slot Machine Jackpot Stories!

Posted by Get Your Games, LLC on June 28 2016, 12:36pm

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Winning Slot Machine Jackpot Stories!

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If you are searching for the true 'dream manufacturers', that honor visits the ever-increasing progressive jackpots.

I have assembled several of these Winning Stories to brighten your desires tonight.

It's Magic.

Celeste has benefited years in the family's equipment leasing company as well as just recently offered the company.

6 months ago, her mom offered her a fortunate necklace as well as she is specific she is accountable for the win.

Furthermore, her daddy gave her a $100 bill for the trip and informed her to use that money to acquire chips for herself.

Consequently, he's currently favorable that his $100 present is accountable for her new lot of money. Celeste was so touched by what her father claimed after hearing of her win. He stated, "Celeste, you've constantly provided for others, now you can do for yourself.".

Allow's support a bit while Celeste McCormick of Albany, GA informs her story:.

" It was one of those enchanting nights when we could not lose. We were having such fun as well as winning on virtually every machine we chose to play. We're not big casino players, yet perhaps currently we will certainly be!".

" My mother and father love to bet, as well as my mother had actually been comped a space at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, MI. She graciously welcomed my bro and also me to take part the party.

Previously in the evening, my friend as well as I had been playing the Wheel of Fortune machines and also won $500. Prior to going up to the room, we determined to return to the Wheel of Fortune to see if we would have any type of luck once again. When the 3 Wheel of Fortune symbols appeared, nothing took place; there were no bells or flashing lights." My friend stated, "I believe you won $10,000." Then I stated, "No, I assume I won the progressive jackpot.".

While I rested at the machine waiting for a person to show up, I started to obtain anxious and stated to my buddy, "You better go discover somebody in case we have a power failure and also I shed the whole jackpot.".

He left to find an attendant and when they returned they verified that I did win the progressive jackpot of $1,195,974.

It was currently 2:52 a.m. and we were much from being tired after all the exhilaration. Celeste added, "It was humorous-- the resort workers quickly relocated us to the penthouse collection. We lingered up until later, then called my mommy and also bro to tell them our room had been changed as well as to come up to our suite to see us.

My brother promptly claimed, "How much did you win, $10,000?" I claimed "No a great deal more than that. Just put your bathrobes on and come up to the suite.

When they got there, we held up the check and I took a photo of my mother's face when she saw the quantity!".

Just how does she feel regarding the win? "I really felt very humbled and grateful for my true blessings. It's been a terrific experience." Her future plans are simple for now, "we've placed it in CDs up until we could make a decision.".

Pleased Returns.

Michael Figueroa of Citrus Heights, CA, stated they were commemorating his relative's 30th birthday celebration at Horizon Casino, Lake Tahoe when they chose to play some slot machines. Michael obtained the very best grant a heavy hit of $615,176 at a Wheel of Fortune quarter progressive. He had only spent $20 and also specified, "I always play the Wheel of Fortune machines due to the fact that I enjoy to obtain to rotate the wheel". "I kept assuming that I truly intended to hit the mark and also had merely duplicated that to my other half when it struck. I was in shock, stunned.".

Michael, who is self-employed, claimed he would invest his winnings carefully, live a little much more conveniently and also expand his journey to Lake Tahoe.

Pop that Champagne Cork.

Anthony Vighione, proprietor of a number of video leasing shops in Milford, CT, plays the new Popeye record slots often and also claims they're his preferred. While dipping into the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, Anthony hit an eye-popping payday of $508, 594. on a quarter Popeye progressive machine.

And also She Said ...

Blue Water Resort as well as Casino in Parker, AZ was the area for Larry Jackson who won $750,455 on a one-dollar Wheel of Fortune. Jackson, a retiree from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, had taken a field trip to the casino to play his preferred machines. When inquired about his plans, Jackson specified, "that will depend on the wife.".

You too can delight in the excitement of playing slot machines and winning huge jackpots free of cost! A company called GET YOUR GAMES, LLC offers reconditioned modern slot machines. These slot machines approve real money as well as repay winning tickets or money from the jackpot. The very same slot machines once owned by a land based casino like Las Vegas can be your own for a lot less than you might believe.

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